Structure of the AStA

AStA and AStA board

Officially the AStA is constituted of a legislative body (AStA), which is responsible for resolutions, financial decisions and rules, plans and processes, and an executive body (AStA board), which executes the business within these resolutions and is also part of the AStA. Due to the small number of gremium members the board can not perform all of its duties itself, which is why many tasks are delegated to AStA members. This is managed inside the departments (see Tasks of the AStA). The AStA and its board convene regularly and resolve most issues together.

The AStA has eight members, four of which are elected for a one-year period each semester. The AStA then elects from amongs its members a new finanical consultant and out of the four newly elected a new chair for a period of one year.

Arbitration committee

Furthermore there ist the arbitration committee which constitutes the judicative body of this parlamentary system. If any student should feel, the AStA is surpassing or neglecting its responsibilities, the arbitration committee can be alerted and will attend to the concerns of the student. The arbitration committee only convenes in those cases. It usually has three members that are newly elected each semesters.

General assembly and stirke vote

The last, very important body is the general assembly of all students. The AStA informs about its activities, structures and finances. Above that the general assembly is a resolving body, each and every student can file applications which are then to be discussed and voted on. These resolutions override those of the AStA. Ordinarily, the general assembly is summoned once every semester by the AStA board, but can at any point be summoned on request of at least three percent of the students (in the case of our Hochschule about 16 students.)

Resolutions can also be passed by the strike vote. The strike vote itself is not technically an institution of the student body, though its resolutions, which can be voted on by all students, override those of the general assembly as well of the AStA. The strike vote is summoned by the AStA board or by three percent of the student body. It needs contain a concrete subject matter, that can either be agreed or disagreed with.

An organigramm that visualizes the structure of the student body can be found here.


The structure of the AStA is clarified in the organisational constitution of the AStA. It is one of three constitutions of the AStA, that forms the basis of its work and is binding for the entire student body of the Hochschule. The constitutions cover the legal foundations and the structure, the financial requirements and the student fees.