Further committees

Other student committees

At the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg amongst the institutions of the student body there are other committees that include students. Thus it is possible to be active in a committee, without being elected for the AStA. If you are interested in committing yourself in one of these committees, let us know or just offer yourself as candidate for the corresponding election.

You can find a visualization of commitment possibilities at the Hochschulehere.

In the following the four most important committees are listed.



The senate is the biggest inter-university committee and makes many extensive decisions regarding staff, finance and structure of the Hochschule. The senate includes representatives of all groups of the Hochschule. The four student representatives are those members of the AStA that got the most votes at their election. Their term equals the AStA term.

This is an overview over all current senate members.


Academic commissions

The academic commissions are divided into the four courses of study, that can be completed at our Hochschule:

  • Academic commission I: Bachelor Musik
  • Academic commission II: Master Musik
  • Academic commission III: Kirchenmusik
  • Academic commission IV: Lehramt Musik

The academic commissions discuss the improvement of the courses of study and are responsible for module plans, examination regulations and credits. Each commission includes for students that are elected annually.

This is a current overview including all members of the different academic commissions.


Specialist groups

The specialist groups discuss issues of different instruments and subjects, that can be studied at this Hochschule an are subdivided into:

  • Specialist group 1: music theory, composition, musicology, educational theory, physiology of music and Performing Arts medicine
  • Specialist group 2: keyboard instruments
  • Specialist group 3: string instruments, harp, plucked instruments
  • Specialist group 4: wind instruments, percussion
  • Specialist group 5: voice, opera
  • Specialist group 6: conducting, ensemble

The specialist groups attend to matters of the instrument groups, for example rooms, teachers and masterclasses. The student representatives are annually elected by the senate at the suggestion of the AStA.

This is a current overview including all members of the different specialist groups.



The council (Hochschulrat) deals with the big questions of the Hochschule e. g. the orientation of the Hochschule, its future, the digitisation et cetera. Amongst the council members are extern personalties from the worlds of politics and business and also a student representative. The latter is elected by the senate every two years at the suggestion of the AStA.

This is a current overview including all members of the council.