Life at MH Freiburg

Menstruation products

We have newly installed dispensers for menstruation products in the women's bathroom, where you can take what you need. Please be solidary and only take what's necessary for the moment.



The mensa schedule for all Freiburg canteens can be viewed in the Mensa App.



As of now we have a brand new microwave for the students!!

The microwave is placed on the back of the snack machine next to the copy machines.

It is free to use for everybody, we kindly ask, that you clean any staining in and around the microwave after use. Cleaning agents and cloth are ready to be used :)

How to use and clean the microwave correctly is explained on the signs at site and alsoonline.

Copy machines

It is indeed annoying that the copiers in the foyer do not function properly at times. Most of the times though, that is not the machines fault but due to wrong use. A paper jam can have the following causes:

  • Copying with open lid (!)
  • no money on the card
  • the paper has not been flipped through before insertion

Above the left copier is an illustrated instruction, how any paper jam can be fixed. On the right side of the machines are three different valves, through which paper can be removed. The green roller must not be touched, otherwise all copies have stains! In case of any other issues with copying, you can alert the technical service at the entrance, they will attend to the problem.