Leasing and rental

Leasing and rental

The AStA has acquired several things from time to time, that can be rented by students of the Hochschule. They are meant to ease the everyday life. Down below we have listed the items to rent.

If you have any idea, what else should be on this list, you can file a suggestion with the AStA.

This is the suggestion form.



The AStA owns 14 iPads, that can be rented up from 24.04.2024, 10am until the end of each semester. Just write us an Email with the subject "Ausleihe iPad".

First come first serve applies here, so be quick to write an email!



Furthermore, the AStA bought 4 keyboards, that can be leased as well. For this, too, please write us via Email, with the subject "Ausleihe Keyboard".



The AStA also leases stands. If you´re interested, write an  Mail with the subject "Ausleihe Notenständer".

Sporting equipment

The AStA has sporting equipment in a closet by the coatracks such as balls, Wikingerschach, table-tennis bats, a Spikeball-Set and lots more. It can be lent to you by asking for the closet key at the entrance. Because we do not control, who uses what, we ask you to be careful  with the equipment and to return everything properly to the closet!



2 cameras with tripod are in the "Medienraum" and can be rented there.