Practice basement

Practice cellar

We are responsible for the management of the rooms in the practice cellar. The practice cellar is no common room but meant for practice. Please leave the rooms as they wish to be found (take your garbage with you, no strong deodorant,...).

In the rooms 031 to 036 must only be practiced piano. Pianists have priority in the booking system.

If you notice a piano in the practice cellar is damaged or extremely out of tune, you can fetch a form from the entrance and file it in our mailbox outside R099. If the keyboard of the piano ist stained, you can get a microfibre cloth and cleaning agent at the entrance to clean it.

Piano damaged or out of tune

Asimut, our booking platform, can be accessed through here.


These are the booking rules in 7 languages.

This is a german explanatory video.

This is the email, if you still have questions.